17. Feb, 2020

Record of My Impact as a Headteacher in Primary Schools 2007-2019

Rebel Ideas and how I feel it relates to my style of leadership in schools - I draw upon the experiences and conclusions from one simple experiment conducted by Francesca Gino and Frank Flynn as cited by Matthew Syed,
…they recruited ninety people and then allocated them to one of two conditions. Half became senders and half became receivers. The receivers were then asked to go to Amazon and come up with a wish list of gifts priced between $10 and $30. Meanwhile the senders were allocated to either choose a gift from the wish list or a unique gift.
The results were emphatic. Recipients, in fact, much preferred gifts from their own list. Why? It hinges upon their perspective blindness. Senders find it difficult to step beyond their own frame of reference. (p22-23)

When teams have diverse experiences, he goes on to state throughout the book, they have a deeper insight into the perspectives of others and together can find solutions to complex problems.