This is my 4th Living Theories poster.

What’s changed since summer 2019? I have a new role, which is like roles I have undertaken before. I am a school improvement advisor working with heads and leaders in primary schools to improve the outcomes in their schools. I work across 30 primary schools in the borough of Bracknell Forest with 6 colleagues.

My ontological values continue to evolve; I aim to use these to be a better person with greater understanding and to begin to offer greater gifts to those around me. My role enables me to work alongside people daily and extol upon them the worthy role they play.

I am currently looking at the spaces in between the journeys I and others take or make to better understand how to improve for the flourishing of humanity. The noise in the public sphere regarding racism and intersectionality seemingly has become a cacophony; being reported in the media daily. I aim to temper and better understand this noise, using the experiences I and others have encountered and the values I have to demonstrate how to reign in it to improve things for all around. That is my job, that is what I do – I aim to stand before the community I live among and work for and with, not as a prophet, but as a humble servant.