10. Jun, 2020

Only Black Lives Matter

We Never Said…
Only black lives matter
We agreed with looting
All police are racist
Police deserve to be a target of aggression and their lives threatened
That everybody is the same and therefore everybody should be expected to respond in the same respectful way
We want to attack white people
We hate white people
All white people are racist

What we said was
We can't breathe unless you listen to us, read about us, find out about us by asking us and respect us as equals #Black Lives Matter.
Given that racism is a power construct for the benefit of white people, what will those in power, whether they are senior leaders in schools or CEO of Waitrose or Health Clubs or Society of Merchant Venturers or the Mayor Of Bristol or London etc, be putting at the top of their meeting agendas this week? What will they want to protect, what will they want to change to prevent further racial inequality? Or do Black Lives Not Matter?