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12. Jun, 2020

Words from a Bristol resident - Colston was responsible for transporting over 100,000 enslaved African people across the Atlantic, and selling them into slavery in America. This is how he made his fortune. 20,000 of those enslaved people died during the crossing and their bodies were thrown overboard.

Bristolians have long petitioned the local council for the removal of the statue - and suggested that it should be re-housed in the M Shed museum, a short walk away, where there is a permanent exhibit on Bristol's history and the slave trade.

The council refused.

Then we petitioned for a plaque to be erected on the base of the statue explaining Colston's history. The plaque was cast, but more local politics and squabbling prevented it from being installed.
THEN a local artist created a piece in front of the statue, depicting enslaved African people in chains, laying in rows, as they were held on slave ships. The council saw fit to have the art piece removed.

I really don't want to listen to a single person whining that the statue should not have been ripped down and dumped in the harbour. Bristolians have tried, for YEARS, to have it removed. Bristol City Council have had ample opportunity to do the right thing - now it's been done for them, and not a penny of our council tax money was spent doing it.