25. Aug, 2020

Love these - quotes from Bob and Marcia's rendition on YouTube

"This was my nans favourite song she was short white and Irish but god it reminds me of her :)

As an old, not particularly gifted, and white man, I have to say I utterly love this record. And as we are all out of Africa, that's something all God's children can dance to.

i'm old English and white and I love this song too :)

Simply one of the greatest songs ever written. As a young lad in Moss Side Manchester, around this time, all my mates were black, and this song was their song. Just brilliant. Speaking of Manchester, this song was a strong influence on The Smiths' 'Girlfriend In A Coma. It's amongst Morrissey and Marr's all time fav songs as well.

6 years ago!
This record was so innovative, this was released when there was still segregation in the States,... thank goodness that is now over but it was in my living memory.
Otis Redding could not believe that when he came to Europe he could eat where he wanted and that his audience sat together and they were of mixed race!!!
Thank heavens those days are gone but not so long ago.......

This is such a great and uplifting and inspirational tune. I come from a poor white working class background and still find this quite wonderful and encouraging."