6. Sep, 2020

Meik Wiking

https://ultimatehealthpodcast.com/meik-wiking-lykke/ Meik Wiking is the CEO at The Happiness Research Institute and he’s a New York Times bestselling author. He’s written The Little Book of Hygge followed by The Little Book of Lykke (today’s focus).
In this episode, we discuss:
What is happiness?
Overall happiness vs happiness in the here and now
Establishing The Happiness Research Institute
The benefits of co-housing
Applying co-housing principles to living in a “regular” neighbourhood
The importance of social support systems (friends & family)
The impact of taking a week off from Facebook
People care about their position in the social hierarchy
Linking special purchases to a noteworthy occasion
It’s better to buy experiences vs things
Forming a free-fun fellowship
Decoupling wealth and well-being
Building exercise/movement into our daily routines
Shinrin-yoku/forest bathing
On average, people who are self-employed are happier
Tiger parents vs elephant parents
Parents vs non-parents… who is happier?
The lost wallet experiment
Trust and happiness are linked
The helper’s high
The free help guy
Cooking and eating with friends